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The Big Build

We were very excited to move into our new school building with state-of-the-art facilities in January 2020. The demolition of the old school and landscaping work was completed in August 2020.  We are now working on further developing our fantastic school grounds to really enhance the children's learning.


Update - 7th January 2020

We're really excited to have moved into our new school today - it looks fabulous and the children (and staff) are over the moon!  We can't believe how lucky we are!  Work will soon start on getting the old building ready to be demolished safely.  This work should all be completed by August 2020.  Next week our Young Governors will start to plan our new environmental play area.


Update - 27th November 2019

This afternoon some of our governors had the opportunity to take a look around the new school. It’s amazing how quickly everything is coming together. All still on track - not long now!


Update - 12th November 2019

We’re very excited to update you all after our site visit today. Everything is still on track to move into our new school in January. Inside the new building most of the classrooms are almost finished, the school kitchen is being installed and they are starting to test the electrics. The rendering is nearly finished on the outside and the groundworks have started so the tarmac around the building can be laid.

Update - 28th September 2019

Great progress on our new school building. Most of the classrooms have been painted and the air conditioning units and doors have been fitted. Over the next two weeks the electrics are being finished and the sinks, cupboards and flooring fitted. All on track for us to move in at the beginning of term in January



Update - 29th August 2019

Our builders have been VERY busy over the holidays. They’ve dug up the school drive to install all the utility cables for the new pre-school and created a new path. At the main school, work has continued with rendering the outside, starting the brickwork and installing windows and doors. Inside, most of the internal walls are up and being painted. They are currently working on all the electrics, installing heating systems and fitting classroom doors. Everything is still on track for us to move in before January 2020.



Update - 19th July 2019

Our new school build is all on track to be finished before January 2020.  The external walls have all been fitted along with the exterior wall insulation on the first floor.  Most of the windows have now been fitted and the next step is to complete the external rendering.  Inside the building, work on the electrics is well underway and the internal walls are being built. 




Update - 10th May 2019

All is going well with our new school build. The concrete has been poured for the floor in the main building and the hall floor will hopefully be finished next week. At the same time, the final surfacing work is being completed on the roof and the steel structure is being constructed around the perimeter of the building. The next stage will be to fit the external walls which should begin in early June.



Update - 12th April 2019

Everything is well on schedule for our new school building. The roof is finished on the main building and the steel framework for the hall and kitchen are now up. The next stage is preparing for the concrete floors to be poured and then the outside walls will start to go up in early May.



Update - 22nd March 2019

There have been lots of exciting developments with our new build over the past couple of weeks. The frame for the main building is now all up, one of the staircases has been installed and they have started to lay the concrete beams for the first floor. This should be finished over the next week and then the framework for the main school hall and kitchen will be built. Mrs McLuckie and Miss Hicks were quite excited to see the view from the first floor and to use the augmented reality app to ‘see’ where the internal walls will be.



Update - 8th March 2019

Well the cranes have finally arrived on site and we have all been amazed at how quickly the steel framework is going up!  It's great to start to have a sense of the size of our new school.  Work is all on schedule so we hope to see the framework for the main building finished in the next couple of weeks.



Update - 28th February 2019

Take a look at the progress made on our new build over the last month. The foundations are nearly finished now and the steel uprights will be going in next week.



Update – 14th February 2019

I'm delighted to let you all know that the building works for our new school are all on track. From the surface it's hard to tell how far things have progressed but the foundations are nearly complete and some of the drainage pipes are in. There's lots of concrete arriving this weekend to finish the ring beam. In a couple of weeks the cranes will be arriving to install the steel framework so we'll get an idea of the size of our new school.




Update – 1st February 2019

Take a look at the time lapse video showing the work on our new school building from mid-December 2018 to mid-January 2019.




Update – 25th January 2019

Great progress is being made on our new school build. The new playground and all the markings are finished and the goal ends will be installed shortly. Meanwhile the surface of the middle playground has been removed and compaction tests have been done to check the firmness of the ground. The foundations of the main school building have been started and, once the final playground surface is taken up, they’ll start pouring the ‘ring beam’ so we’ll be able to see the external shape of building. Mrs McLuckie was VERY excited to sit in her imaginary office looking out her new window!



Update – 9th January 2019

Well things are really moving forward quickly with our new multi use games area (MUGA). The original playground area has been extended, the surface has been prepared, the retaining wall is being built and the new tarmac will be going down on Friday. Early next week the new fencing will be going up and hopefully all will be finished by the end of next week.



Update – 18th December 2018

Take a look at the time lapse video showing the work on our new school building from the start date in November until the end of last term.




Update – 18th December 2018

Most of the work over the last week has been on the new MUGA (multi-use games area) and all the ground works for this have now been completed.  This week the steel reinforcements and the concrete base will be finished ready for a retaining wall to be built.  The new MUGA is due to be finished in the middle of January.  The children were very excited to see the cranes arriving this week to position the site offices.  In January our build team will begin to take up the tarmac on the middle playground.  The next stage will be laying the concrete foundations for the new school!



7th December 2018

Well things have really moved on in the last couple of weeks. The gatehouse is now in place to help make sure that delivery vehicles arrive at agreed times and are escorted to the main site. Work has begun on widening 'the ball zone' ready for the new multi-use games area (MUGA) to be built. The children were quite excited as with all the rain it looked like we were also getting a swimming pool!  Over the next two weeks the bike and scooter shelters will be moved to the paved area next to the Year 1 outside play area; more equipment is being delivered and the permanent site offices are being installed.




19th November 2018

We're very excited that work has started on site this week. The site is being made secure, offices are being set up and equipment is being delivered.  Over the next week the bike and scooter shelters will be moved to the paved area next to the Year 1 outside play area; additional fencing will be put up to ensure safe pedestrian access; and work will begin on widening 'the ball zone' ready for the new multi-use games area (MUGA) to be built.  The build team will be meeting with Mrs McLuckie and Miss Hicks every week to discuss next steps and ensure all the risk assessments are kept up to date.  



2nd November 2018

We are expecting work to start on site in the week beginning Monday 19th November 2018.  We will find out more details next week but this is likely to begin with bringing equipment and offices on site and ensuring that the building areas are all cordoned off. 


25th September 2018

We are delighted to let you all know that planning permission was unanimously agreed for our new school building.  We anticipate that work will start on site after half term. The first phase of work will involve cordoning off the existing Ball Zone and replacing it with a multi-use games area (MUGA).  The other two playgrounds will remain in use during this time.  We have already staggered break and lunch times to ensure that there less children using the play areas whilst the build is completed.  We have also opened up the library and courtyard to all key stage 1 and 2 children at lunchtimes. 






Big Build Updates


1st September 2018

Following the Public Exhibition and Consultation on Thursday 7th June 2018, plans for the proposed new building for Gurnard Primary School have now been submitted.  They will be considered by the Planning Committee at the end of September.