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We currently have limited places available in Reception, Year 1, Year 3 and Year 4.  

Please contact the school office if you would like to find out more and arrange to take a look around our fantastic school.


It is a real privilege to be the Headteacher of Gurnard Primary School.  Ours is a vibrant, happy school where children come first.  What makes us special?  I think it’s our ethos.  At Gurnard, we share a passionate commitment to helping everyone to be their best. 

We aim to make learning so irresistible that children love coming to school.  We are constantly searching for new and innovative ways to make learning exciting, so that everyone at Gurnard enjoys the sense of adventure that learning brings.  We have designed a curriculum that enables our pupils to explore new opportunities, meet experts and discover their passions.  This exciting approach to learning alongside our excellent teaching has been recognised through consistently high academic results as well as national gold standard awards in science, the arts and sport.


Although we recognise that academic success is important, we also believe that for education to be successful, it has to be about preparing children for life.  We believe that our children should develop an understanding of the wider world, their place within it and how they can make a positive difference.  Our core values of determination, aspiration, friendship, responsibility and respect really matter to us.  We encourage our pupils to work hard, knowing that facing challenges and making mistakes are all just part of the journey. 


Our staff team is committed to making a real difference to the children in our care.  Everything that we do as a school is to ensure that our children enjoy coming to school and are supported to be successful in all areas of school life.  Our school has achieved the Leading Parent Partnership Award in recognition of our commitment to working together with families to support children's learning.  We are built on strong values; our pupils show tremendous care and respect for one another and we are very proud of their excellent behaviour.


We take great pride in our lovely school.  I do hope that our website gives you a feel for the learning that happens daily at Gurnard Primary School.  You are warmly invited to visit us to find out more.


Miss Vanessa Hicks


Latest News

Please watch this space for news and event information.

Friday 14th January 2022

Year 5 Anglo Saxon workshop

We were lucky enough to have a gloriously sunny January morning for our Year 5 visit to Carisbrooke Castle today. We went along for a workshop on the Anglo Saxons with Estelle Baker from the Heritage Education Service and Laura Bosworth from English Heritage.
We were incredibly lucky and surprised to find that we had the entire place to ourselves for the morning which, with the sun shining, was really special. We divided into two, with one group having the workshop whilst the other toured the grounds. During the workshop, the children were able to hold and view replicas of objects found in an early Anglo Saxon grave in the grounds of the castle. Estelle explained the significance of each item and where they were found in the grave, with the role of the skeleton being well-played by Samuel and Roch! The children were able to hold an Anglo Saxon sword, view a replica of the Sutton Hoo helmet, try to identify mystery objects and were able to ask Estelle some excellent questions about the identity of the individual in the grave and what his life was like based on the items found with him.
On the tour, Laura took us to the oldest part of the castle, just beneath the drum tower. Here, Laura explained to us all about the different parts of the castle and how it changed over time. Laura explained that the earliest part of the castle was an Anglo Saxon wall which peers through the bank just next to the gatehouse. We talked about castles being primarily for defence against attackers and that their designs made this a priority. Moving inside, Laura explained all about the gatehouse in the Norman part of the castle, including why you wouldn’t want to get stuck between the two portcullises! Laura then took us to the area of grass outside of the chapel and explained that this area too was one of the oldest parts of the castle, having been identified as a small Anglo Saxon burial area. Laura told us that three graves were originally found and that the area is so significant that they treat it with great care. Laura went on to talk to us about how castle is a motte and bailey style and that it would have been much less built on during Anglo Saxon times.
Year 5 had a wonderful time (even getting to spot a donkey or two!) and have come away with some great questions about our upcoming topic and some brilliant context for our English topic ‘Beowulf’. Our thanks to Miss Slade for organising such a great visit!

Thursday 13th January 2022

Year 6 visit to The Mayflower Theatre

On Thursday, Year 6 ventured over the water to Southampton for a wonderful and memorable experience of watching Disney's Bedknobs and Broomsticks at The Mayflower Theatre. Whilst we were there, faces lit up, laughter was heard and many, many amazed expressions. Bedknobs and Broomsticks contained many interesting theatrical effects such as smoke and fog, flying objects and strobe lighting! This added to the many twists and turns which were evident during the magical performance. This led to lots of deep conversations about how it all happened on the journey home. All the Year 6 staff and Miss Edmunds were incredibly proud of the Year 6s for their mature, enthusiastic and well-behaved manner throughout the visit. Well done Year 6 and our thanks to Miss Edmunds for all her hard work in organising such a great experience!

Wednesday 12th January 2022

Under 9 Boys Football

On Wednesday, our Under 9 boys team faced a great Holy Cross team. The game was a tough, hard-fought contest throughout with end-to-end football.
Despite some great defending, Gurnard went behind 1-0 in the first half. Some brilliant play was shown by both teams while there were also some amazing goals, with Gurnard’s second goal the result of an excellent through ball.  Unfortunately, the game ended 3-2 to Holy Cross. However, our boys should be really proud of their efforts- it was a great game of football. Go Team Gurnard!

Wednesday 12th January 2022

Year 5 F1 in Schools Project

Year 5 had an amazing opportunity this week with a guided tour of the MacLaren 'Boulevard' by two of the company's engineers!
We were shown some of the cars developed over the decades, including a detailed look at the aerodynamics of each vehicle. Year 5 were fascinated to see the company's advancements over a long history of motorsport.
We will be using the learning from the tour to help form part of the presentation and portfolio used to support the F1 Project that Year 5 are currently completing. The judges for the competition will want to see what the children have learned about engineering during the process and how this affects their design and car.
We were thrilled to be given this chance to develop our understanding of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) and we know that many of the children went home excited to talk about their experience. We hope that we have inspired some future engineers!