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Our Designated Safeguarding Lead is Mrs Turner and the deputy designated safeguarding leads are Mrs Yardley, Mr Finch and Mrs McLuckie. 

They can all be contacted by calling the school office on 01983 295713 or emailing

Keeping our children safe

We recognise that Gurnard Primary School has a clear duty under section 175 of the Education Act 2002 to ensure robust arrangements are in place for safeguarding and promoting the welfare and safety of our children.

All members of the school community aim to establish and maintain a safe and stimulating environment where children can feel secure; are safe from physical harm; are encouraged to talk to adults they can trust; and are listened to.

Through training, all staff are able to recognise the signs of abuse and understand their responsibilities when a child may be at risk of harm. Training of all staff is updated regularly in line with national guidelines.

All school staff are responsible for recording and passing on any concerns which are collected and reviewed by the designated staff, who in turn ensure that children generating concerns are monitored and where necessary, that concerns are passed on to the appropriate social care agencies. We also commit to working in partnership with external agencies in order to support and protect children. Similarly if you as parents have child protection concerns about any child, please speak to Mrs Turner, Mrs Yardley, Mr Finch or Mrs McLuckie.

While we always strive to work confidentially and in partnership with parents, it should be noted that, where there are concerns relating to the safety of a child, in some situations, it is necessary to share information with other agencies and authorities without parental consent.

In line with the 'Safer Recruitment' guidance, all staff and governors, including volunteers who have access to children, in our school have had enhanced DBS (Disclosure and Barring Service) checks. Should allegations be made against members of staff we will follow Local Authority guidance in dealing with them. This guidance ensure that the safety of the child is paramount.

The school's Child Protection Policy is available here and the Safeguarding Policy is available here. Copies of all policies are available from the school office.


Online Safety

Gurnard Primary School provides a diverse, balanced and relevant approach to the use of technology. Children are encouraged to maximise the benefits and opportunities that technology has to offer. We ensure that children learn in an environment where security measures are balanced appropriately with the need to learn effectively. Here at Gurnard, we aim to equip children with the skills and knowledge to use technology appropriately and responsibly. We teach children how to recognise the risks associated with technology and how to deal with them, both within and outside the school environment.

Use of the Internet is part of the statutory curriculum and a necessary tool for learning. Internet access is an entitlement for children who show a responsible and mature approach to its use. The Internet is a part of everyday life for education, business and social interaction. The school has a duty to provide children with quality Internet access as part of their learning experience. Our children use the Internet widely outside school and need to learn how to evaluate Internet information and to take care of their own safety and security.

Click here to view the school's Online Safety Policy.


Health and Safety

The school has a robust health and safety policy, which is monitored each term by our School Business Manager.  The Local Authority provides a routine inspection service and we use the SOSA monitoring checklist to ensure we are compliant with all Health and Safety responsibilities. The Headteacher, School Business Manager, Caretaker and Governors with responsibility for Health and Safety oversee this comprehensive list. Any concerns from staff are reported to any of the above and an initial examination takes place immediately, assessing what remedial action needs to take place. On at least a termly basis, there is a fire drill to practice efficient evacuation from the buildings. The school conducts an annual Fire Risk Assessment. There is also a critical incident plan that details what staff and parents should do in the case of emergencies.  Click here to view the school's Health and Safety Policy.


Appointment and induction of staff 

All staff appointed to work in school have a criminal records search called a DBS check. This search highlights people who have a criminal record or if previous allegations have been made against them. If any member of staff is found to have a criminal record, the appointment is reconsidered by the Headteacher and the Governing Board. The Local Authority is informed directly by the Disclosure and Barring Service. Newly appointed staff are assigned a mentor for their induction period. They are familiarised with procedures, policies and  safeguarding practices before starting at the school and are regularly updated during their first weeks at the school. All staff receive termly safeguarding updates and training.


All volunteers must have DBS clearance.  For any extended contact with children, when children may be left alone with an adult, or when an adult visitor may be in and around the school building, a full DBS search will be conducted. Visitors who do not yet have clearance will not be left alone with a child (or group of children) under any circumstances.



All visitors with a professional role - such as supply teachers, the School Nurse or members of the Police - have relevant clearance. Students who work within our school community also have their DBS clearance confirmed. Anyone who spends time in school without this confirmation will be accompanied at all times.

Gurnard Primary School Designated Safeguarding leads:

Mrs Libby Turner - DSL and SENCO

Mrs Clemma Yardley - Headteacher

Mr David Finch - Deputy Head

Mrs Angela McLuckie - School Business Manager

All school staff can be contacted on 01983 295713 or at


School Nurse:

Susan Gale

Telephone: 01983 821388 



Local Authority Designated Officer (LADO):

Amy Puncheon and Mark Blackwell, Hampshire County Council, Children’s Services.

Telephone:  01962 876364